Electricity Brokerage

Premier Power Solutions is a broker of electricity in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Texas. We provide low cost electricity contracts to Commercial, Industrial, non-profit, and government customers. We do not provide services to residential accounts.  We utilize our extensive network of suppliers of electric and natural gas to find the best rates available for customers who use our services.

By working with Premier Power, you can become a part of one of the largest energy buying groups in the country. Premier has provided electricity contracts for over 16 billion kWh's of electricity consumption that have allowed our customers to save millions of dollars over the life of their contracts. Through the use of the Premier Power Energy Portal, we leverage the buying clout of our huge customer base and use a variety of procurement methodologies to go to the energy markets and get the best pricing available for you.

Our energy experts can help you reduce the cost of electricity for your business. Just follow the 3-step process outlined below to begin saving money. It should take you less than 5 minutes to find out how much you can save.

  1. Download and Complete a Letter of Authorization: PA | OH | MD.
    • This form allows PPS to obtain information related to how much electricity you use and when you use it. We need this information to get you the best price available in the market.  No other information is provided. We will not make any changes to your electric service unless you sign a contract for electric service that will be provided to you by PPS.
  2. Scan and Email (info@trustpps.com) or Fax your completed form and a copy of a recent utility bill to PPS at 724-458-5703
  3. A PPS representative will contact you to recommend a competitive retail electricity provider
    • No changes will be made to your electric service until you sign a retail electricity service provider agreement that will be provided to you by PPS.