Energy Audits

Through our Premier Energy Audit service we provide our customers with the detailed information that they need to be able to take action to reduce the amount of energy that they consume. Our Premier Energy Audit takes you through the following basic steps:

1) Assessment of the current situation – How and when do you use your energy?
2) Determination of the major areas where improvements can be made – What are the major areas of energy usage that we can impact through positive action?
3) Recommendations on how to implement the identified opportunities – What specific actions can you take to reduce the amount of energy that you use?

We offer this service on a fee basis. We charge an hourly fee to have one of our energy experts spend time at your place of business to compile the necessary information to be able to complete a Premier Energy Audit report for you as we describe above. Typically, the total fee for the audit ends up being between 1 and 3 percent of your annual spend for energy.

To talk to a Premier Power Representative about this service click here to send us your contact information or call us at 724-458-5600.