Green Power

Premier will meet with you at your place of business to discuss how we can help you Become an EPA Green Power Partner. Our service Offering Includes:

  1. Helping you understand the EPA Green Power Partnership Program and how it works.
  2. Helping you procure the required amount of Green Power that allows you to meet or exceed the technical and program requirements for EPA Green Power Partnership. Not all Green Power qualifies for the program.
  3. Premier will prepare the Partnership Agreement between your company and the EPA for your review and signature and submission to the EPA.
  4. Annual Reporting is required under the EPA Green Power Partnership Program. Premier will prepare your annual reports for your review, signature and submission to the EPA.
  5. Premier will help you with making sure that your utilization of the EPA Green Power Partner logo is within Program guidelines and that your Environmental Claims that you are making in your company literature are appropriate.


Why Green Power

Commercial and Industrial companies electricity consumption produces significant amounts of air pollution and greenhouse gases. Buying Green Power can help you reduce your environmental impact while also providing the following benefits: 1) Reducing air pollution, 2) Serve as a brand differentiator, 3) Generate customer, investor, and stakeholder loyalty, 4) Create positive publicity for your company, and 5) Demonstrate that your company is a civic leader.

Why Premier

At Premier, we will help you understand the steps involved in becoming and maintaining your EPA Green Power Partner status. We will act as your third party verification source for ensuring that you are following the EPA Green Power Partner Guidelines and that you know what to do to maintain your Partner status over the long term.

Premier gets paid for its services from the provider of Renewable Energy Option that we recommend and you select. Premier does not bill customers separately for services under this program offering.

To talk to a Premier Power Representative about this program click here to send us your contact information or call us at 724-458-5600