Strategic Partners

Make a positive impact on your members and energize your revenue

Managing energy expenses is a critical business practice for every company. For those that spend significantly on electricity, making the wrong choice can be devastating to the bottom line.

As an association or business leader, you seek to bring added value to your members or clients every year. And you know that retention is most secure when you bring each member or client solid solutions that allow them to be successful. Right now, your members or clients are facing an extremely volatile energy market, which is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Make this the year you bring a trusted energy advisor on to your team. Make this the year to introduce your members or clients to Premier Power Solutions.

What is the Premier Power Solutions Strategic Partnership Program?

Our program adds real value by providing energy purchasing expertise and consulting for your members or clients, while creating a new revenue stream for your organization. We have a variety of program options, from commission-based to referral fee.

Premier Power Solutions works with many client organizations and associations to help them bring added value to their members and clients through our customized energy purchasing and consulting services. Our Strategic Partners receive compensation based on member or client participation. Becoming a Strategic Partner is beneficial to both you and your members or clients as you navigate these uncertain energy markets.

Your members and clients

gain energy cost control savings


Best-value energy procurement

Expert consultants to help your members or clients get the best value from the energy market

Customized energy strategies

Provide optimal balance between price and risk

Value-added services

Improve energy efficiency and manage bill payment and analysis

Strategic energy sessions

Benefit from one-on-one or group sessions with our energy experts

Your organization

gains revenue and retention potential


Substantial non-dues revenue

Tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually

Informational content provided

Allowing you to offer energy advice and market insight from our experienced professionals

No direct cost

There is no direct cost to your organization