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What is energy deregulation?

Electricity and natural gas retail markets are regulated at the state level. Not all states are deregulated (currently about 18 states have well developed, deregulated electricity markets). Both energy market fundamentals and regulatory rules can vary significantly state by state, as can the benefits of deregulation.

By allowing consumers to choose where they buy their energy, deregulation introduces competition among electric and natural gas suppliers, resulting in lower prices for end-users. In a deregulated market, the local utility company remains responsible for distributing the energy over its lines and through its pipes to the end-user. As a consumer, you don’t get to choose your utility, but you can choose your energy supplier. The delivery component of your bill is the charge from the utility for delivering the energy, while the energy component of the bill is the charge from either the utility, or, if you participate in the deregulated market, a competitive energy supplier.

I'm already in an energy contract; can you still help me?

Yes! We can work with you to review the terms of your existing agreement, create a go-forward energy strategy, and get prepared for the renewal period. Don’t wait for your supplier to call you a month before your contract expires.

I work directly with a supplier. Won't your costs be higher?

By working with just one supplier, you directly miss the benefits of the competitive energy market. The supplier that was most competitive a week, a month, or a year ago may not be the most competitive when you decide to go to market. Usource is an independent and unbiased advisor in this volatile arena with access to a robust pool of suppliers. Usource makes sure energy suppliers sharpen their pencils.

I work with an energy broker now. What makes Premier Power Solutions different?

Not all energy brokers and advisors work the same way. As a sophisticated energy consultant, Premier Power Solutions conducts a blind-bid process requiring suppliers to offer the most aggressive pricing with the most advantageous contract terms because they only have one chance to get it right on bid day. Premier Power Solutions also has additional capabilities and resources to help you develop your energy buying strategy, provide ongoing consultation throughout your contract, and advise you on other ways to manage energy costs, such as demand response and energy efficiency.

Who is Premier Power Solutions?

Premier Power Solutions, a leader in energy consulting, works with commercial, industrial and institutional organizations to develop and execute customized management strategies that reduce energy costs and budget risk. With its deep industry expertise, Premier Power Solutions helps its clients navigate the complexities of the energy market and regulatory environment. Premier Power Solutions serves clients across the country and has been in business for nearly 20 years.