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Energy Program

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As a member of the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Energy Program, you have access to expert energy consulting.

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With the volatility of the energy market, Garrett County Chamber members need to find new and creative ways to mitigate risk and manage costs. The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce energy program, powered by Premier Power Solutions, offers a full range of integrated energy solutions for its member businesses.

Your company will benefit from:

  • A dedicated energy consultant and team of market analysts – As an extension of your team, we work with you to craft strategies, evaluate energy projects, advise on rebates and incentives as well as regulatory or legal changes, and act as liaison with suppliers and vendors.
  • Robust energy solutions – Our consulting services range from procurement to energy efficiency to on-site generation, allowing us to customize the right energy strategy to meet your budget needs and business objectives.
  • Unbiased competitive procurement process – Leverage Premier Power Solutions’ supplier network to get the best electric and natural gas pricing and contract terms with our fully transparent, unbiased bidding platform.

Garrett County Chamber of Commerce members can achieve budget certainty and cost savings when an energy strategy is in place.

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Premier Power Solutions, a leader in energy consulting, works with commercial, industrial and institutional organizations to develop and execute customized management strategies that reduce energy costs and budget risk. With its deep industry expertise, Premier Power Solutions helps its clients navigate the complexities of the energy market and regulatory environment. Premier Power Solutions serves clients across the country and has been in business for nearly 20 years.