Sustainability Planning & Reporting

Sustainability Planning & Reporting

Sustainability has become a growing priority for many businesses and educational institutions. More and more, you may also find an increasing desire from your organization’s external and internal stakeholders to modify operations with sustainability objectives in mind. An optimal sustainability strategy will have a plan that drives down costs, mitigates risk and demonstrates environmental leadership. Premier Power Solutions will work with you to craft an actionable and measurable Sustainability Plan and assist as desired in executing on identified initiatives.  In addition to Sustainability Planning services, as an ENERGY STAR Partner, Premier Power Solutions can provide the following energy reporting services:


Using ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager, your Premier Power Solutions’ Consultant will establish the benchmark rating of your building. To do this, your consultant will validate and enter the energy used by the building over the last twelve months, enter the appropriate space types and populate current space attribute values for each space type.

Applying for an ENERGY STAR Label

Should any of your buildings qualify, we will assist you in applying for the ENERGY STAR Label. Our in-house licensed Professional Engineer will validate the Statement of Energy Performance and seal it with a Professional Engineer stamp and signature. The validation requires the engineer to verify the benchmarking data and conduct an on-site visit to verify that certain building standards such as lighting levels, building temperature and humidity, and indoor air quality (ventilation) meet nationally-accepted guidelines.


Premier Power Solutions can provide consulting services to support you in obtaining and maintaining ENERGY STAR certification of your building:

  • For buildings that receive benchmark ratings under 75, Premier Power Solutions can perform energy audits to identify opportunities to improve building performance and reduce energy use. Many of these improvement opportunities may qualify for energy rebates and result in very short payback periods.
  • As buildings become more efficient over time, additional efficiencies may be needed at your building to maintain or achieve a greater ENERGY STAR rating. We will work with you to identify capital improvements and recommend energy efficient operations and maintenance practices that will help you achieve this important goal.

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