Energy Utilization Analytics

Energy Utilization Analytics

A comprehensive energy management solution

With technological advancements at the forefront of a rapidly evolving energy market, the rise of renewables and hybrids have created opportunities for energy management tools to intellectualize the inherent complexity. Coupled with a growing importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing, a significant competitive advantage has surfaced with strategic energy management tools aimed at optimizing corporate energy usage and reducing carbon footprint. 

NextEra 360 TM is a software platform developed by NextEra Analytics that is designed to help customers understand their electricity consumption and optimize their procurement and sustainability decisions. As an energy management platform, NextEra 360 can help organizations realize the full potential of their resources. By combining expertise in both renewable infrastructure and analytics, we make it easier to navigate the modern grid. 

By focusing on four aspects of energy systems operations, customers can maximize value by connecting, optimizing, forecasting and enhancing their energy mix.

  1. Connect – Unify your systems and resources for better clarity and control
  2. Forecast – Anticipate what’s next so you can plan accordingly
  3. Optimize – Maximize value and minimize risk with machine learning
  4. Enhance – Evaluate and improve performance in real time


Get more from your energy assets

1. View and control devices in real time
We begin with real-time data and can “connect” to any existing resource using APIs or our proprietary NextEra 360 Connect Grid Edge Device.

2. Anticipate market outcomes
Once real-time data is obtained, a history then allows us to forecast behavior which can come from a variety of sources.

3. Develop and implement market strategies
We then combine a variety of forecasts with market rules, physical, and financial constraints to Optimize the preferred hourly and 5-minute operating schedules.

4. Monitor and improve performance with artificial intelligence
Performance of these assets is enhanced by AI powered reports, notifications, and data sets, that help identify opportunities for improvement.


NextEra 360 Connect

Grid Edge Compute — The little computer that is changing the way we see energy resources in a big way.

  • Affordable SCADA for DG and other grid edge devices
  • Industrial rugged PC
  • Robust compute and storage platform
  • Flexible integration options



Why NextEra 360?


Reduce Complexity
Streamline with a single source for usage, performance, markets, costs, and opportunities.

Supply Optimization
Utilize AI-powered tools to design a renewable solution that matches load at the lowest COE.

Load Modification
Reduce supply cost by optimizing your load shape to reduce demand charges, shift peaks or minimize shape risk with forward hedges.

Maximize Value
Cut costs dramatically by managing how you buy, use, store and trade energy, moment to moment.

Net Demand Forecasting
Receive detailed and aggregate net forecasting of corporate load and generating facilities.

Portfolio Monitoring
Ensure ESG transparency with real-time clean energy and carbon intensity tracking.

Reduce Carbon
Reduce consumption of nonrenewable resource by using your assets more efficiently.

Procurement Optimization
Machine learning algorithms deliver supply savings by identifying procurement opportunities in day-ahead and real-time markets.

NextEra 360 capabilities are modular, flexible, and scalable and can be configured based on asset type and market. By starting with basic insights, the option to layer advanced optimization services enable customers to take full control of their procurement and sustainability decisions.