Onsite Battery Storage

Onsite Battery Storage

Not only capture energy from renewables, store it

As renewable energy continues to gain momentum in meeting today’s energy challenges, we should consider and recognize it as an intermittent power source. Consequently, you may be looking for ways to increase reliability and address peaking power needs within your energy strategy. Premier Power Solutions is helping organizations meet those needs through energy storage technology.

While there are numerous energy storage technologies, batteries provide a promising way to store electrical energy so it can be available to meet demand whenever needed. With intermittent resources like wind and solar generation, battery storage fills in the gaps. That means facility managers can more easily bring on and off renewable energy, reducing the need for load balancing services and rapid generation ramping. 

Onsite Storage Benefits

Costs are expected to decline
Technological efficiencies, improved manufacturing productivity and economies of scale are helping to lower costs, and as batteries gain wider industry adoption, prices are expected to decrease further.

Projects require little space
Energy storage projects do not require a large area for development, are scalable in size and can be put in many places.

Environmentally friendly
Because batteries store excess energy captured during peaking times of renewable energy generation, it allows your facility to use that energy at a later date rather than brown power from the grid – getting you closer to carbon neutrality.


Our expertise

Premier Power Solutions can help you find the solution that achieves your financial, operational and sustainability goals. Your organization’s commitment to renewable energy can play a significant role in meeting certain ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria. A company’s ESG ranking can represent its risks and opportunities profile, influence its access to capital, and demonstrate its ability to create long-term value. 

Premier Power Solutions is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, a leader in battery storage and world’s largest producer of renewable energy from the wind and sun. We are uniquely positioned to analyze, facilitate and execute your battery storage project and ensure a cohesive fit with your overall energy strategy.