Renewable Energy Credits

Renewable Energy Credits

Offset the energy you use with renewable energy credits

Organizations working to lower their emissions footprint have a variety of mitigation options available, including activities to reduce their direct emissions, activities to reduce their indirect emissions through energy efficiency initiatives, switching to green power and purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates — also known as Renewable Energy Credits or RECs.

Purchasing RECs

In North America, renewable power can be purchased and managed in the form of RECs. Each REC embodies the environmental benefits of one megawatt-hour (MWh, equal to 1,000 kilowatt-hours) of renewable electricity that is generated by renewable facilities. Certain wind, solar, geothermal, low-impact hydro, and biomass facilities qualify as renewable energy. If you own RECs corresponding to the amount of power you use, you know that the same amount of power was generated at a renewable facility and delivered to the power grid.

Your environmental impact

When your organization purchases RECs, you reduce the environmental impact of your electricity. Your commitment supports renewable power generation in North America and helps create more demand for clean energy.

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